3rd Year Project: Back to Backtrac

After contacting the university regarding my 3rd year project/dissertation, my ideal choice has been confirmed. I'll be making a distributed backup system, based around a Django web interface and AMQP.

Backtrac is a pretty old project, and one whose name I am likely to change once I'm working on it. It was started in my first semester of university last year, when I didn't have enough work to keep me busy. I didn't know enough about Django back then, though, so it was left unfinished and only half-working.

Now I think I know enough to pull this off, and it's a chance to do something I really enjoy - while getting marks for it in the process! If everything goes to plan I'll be supervised by Dr. Julie Greensmith, which I'm really looking forward to.

I'll be using an app called Celery to handle the background tasks, which will be simple "pings" to the client machines, telling them to start a backup. Celery uses AMQP, provided by a broker such as RabbitMQ (which is written in Erlang). It's usually used for processing intensive computational tasks, but can also be put to use for jobs that need executing on a periodic basis, like backups.

I can tell you're getting too excited, so I'll stop. Rest assured, though, I will be writing about the discoveries I make along the way to finishing this ambitious project.