MyUni and Django 1.2

MyUni is hailed as my "latest venture" on the front page of my website. In fact, it was conceived early last year, when I was in my first year at Nottingham University, by Rob Miles and Ben Jenkinson. We were only just starting to get to grips with this new fad, called Django.

The project has gone through several iterations since then, never really reaching any form of completeness. This time round, we are using proper version control (thanks to Mercurial and BitBucket), and trying to adhere to Django best practices as much as possible.

Straight from the repository website:

{% blockquote %} MyUni is a portal-style web application for Universities, offering students a central location to access all the relevant information about their course, modules, assignments, and staff members.

The project came about because of a passionate hatred for the WebCT system that our university is using, and a general feeling that things could be (and should be) better.

Django 1.2 will bring some really exciting new features, which I am sure would make developing and using MyUni a better experience. One of the things I'm most looking forward to using is the messages framework. I plan to use it for a bunch of things, possibly including form error messages...maybe.

Now, if only the release date would stay in the same place for more than a week!