Bullet Bitten: VMware Server 2.0

My home network has been growing and growing ever since the start. At first, just little Linux firewall, and it's not done yet.

I've recently upgraded the my new server, adding another 4GB of RAM to bring the total to 8GB - to give me some more room for playing around. Also, I've decided that with all that extra memory I can upgrade to VMware Server 2.0 safely, and all seems to have gone well. Also surprisingly, the load on the machine hasn't gone up, even with the addition of 2 new virtual machines.

The first new server is an anti-spam gateway for my Microsoft Exchange organisation, and is working flawlessly so far. Second is a Windows Server 2008 machine, which I plan to migrate the domain onto some time in the future. I plan to do some work with the brand new O/S, and see what's what. I'm sure there will be plenty of material to keep up-to-date with, so keep checking back!