Roadwarrior with IPCop & OpenVPN

As an update to the previous post regarding the installation of a new IPCop as my network firewall, I have finally completed the configuration of its VPN service for use as a Roadwarrior. I can now connect to the IPCop machine from my laptop, using the OpenVPN client from anywhere in the world.

{% img left %}

I was surprised with the ease of configuration once an addon called "Zerina" was installed. This made the process extremely simple to complete, even offering to package up an OpenVPN configuration file and certificate combination - so all that is needed to connect is one click!

With regards to the IPCop machine itself, it is one of the most stable servers I have ever put into operation. I literally installed the O/S (about 50mb) a couple of weeks ago - and since then there has been not one issue. Not even a restart - it's just been chugging away on that old 400MHz Pentium II. I am in awe of the little thing - which is actually proving to be a damn sight faster than the overpowered and clunky ISA Server that I used to use.

Also, with the terrible OpenVPN logo, and the lack of suitable IPCop art, I hope the visio diagram to the left bears a resemblance to this post that could be appreciated by the reader. I definitely think it makes the post something special, would you not agree?