Configuring Share Permissions

When I was "starting out" in the IT field, I always used to setup shared folders in a certain way - I would set the Share Permissions to Everyone - Full Control, then use the NTFS Permissions to control access to the share - which always seemed like the most simple and secure way to do things.

{% img left "Share Permissions" %}

However, when talking to the Network Administrator at my college, I was informed that setting the "Full Control" item was extremely bad from a security standpoint, as it allowed any user in the specified group (in this case, Everyone) - to change options in regard to the share configuration - like the permissions themselves.

So from this point on, I changed my habits to setting the Share Permissions to Authenticated Users - Change, and then using the NTFS permissions, as before, to control access to the data. Today, however, I decided to do my homework.

A quote from this article states the following:

"The recommended permissions have been tested, and work correctly; but there are alternative approaches. For example, some experienced administrators prefer always to set share permissions to Full Control for Everyone, and to rely entirely on NTFS permissions to restrict access."

To me, it sounds like Microsoft have no reservations about using this method, and certainly don't mention any security risks at all. So, hearing anyone else's opinion would be very useful, but seeing as it works well - for now I will carry on using the Authenticated Users - Change permission object.