phpBB3 WSOD (White Screen of Death)

I don't know whether this is a popular or well-heard-of problem or not, but I have come across this twice now. The phpBB forums over at have suffered the second "White Screen of Death" incident since I installed them. Firstly, I disabled Gzip compression to fix the issue. This time though, it wasn't so easy.

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I ended up being forced to reinstall the same version of phpBB to another directory on the server, into a new database. Then I renamed the new DB to something different, and changed the old one to the new one's name. Phew! So in the end, I had a new install of phpBB, but with the same data as before - and it worked perfectly.

So if anyone else comes across this issue, firstly try disabling HTTP compression on any device in front of the web-server (which for me was MS ISA Server 2006). If that doesn't work, it looks like it has to be a reinstall - the longest process will be renaming the DB's, however, so be careful.

Anyhow, the forums are now back up and running - at Hopefully this seemingly endless list of problems to fix is over now.